Module Mindstorm_NXT.USB

module USB: sig .. end
Functions to choose and connect to NXT bricks connected through USB. So far, it works on Linux (users of other platforms, your help is welcome).

type device 
Handle to a USB mindstorm device.
val bricks : unit -> device list
bricks() returns the list of LEGO NXT bricks on the USB bus.
Raises Failure in case of problems.
val connect : ?check_status:bool ->
device -> Mindstorm_NXT.usb Mindstorm_NXT.conn
connect dev connect through USB to the brick device dev (given by Mindstorm.NXT.USB.bricks). See the section "How to connect the brick through USB" for more information.
Raises Failure in case of a connection problem.
check_status : set the default value for the check_status optional argument. For more information, see Mindstorm.NXT.connect_bluetooth.