Download the source tarball and type make. You can also track the most recent version of the code by using Git:

  git clone
and then git pull from time to time to stay up to date. Additional information for each system is given below.

Linux & Unix

You will need the libbluetooth2-dev package for your distribution. Connecting to the brick is simple.

Other Unixes: please help access bluetooth devices, send us a patch!


No special library is needed to connect to LEGO® mindstorm bricks on the Mac. Just follow the procedure described in the documentation.


If you do not have the fantom drivers installed (which you do if you installed the software coming with the mindstorm box), Windows can connect to the brick through its usual bluetooth software and will create a COM serial port that we can use.

Help wanted: In order to connect with the fantom drivers, download the fantom SDK and send us a patch on how to use them.